Trouble Signing In or Using the Platform

I can't sign in or use the platform. What should I do?

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If you have trouble signing onto or using the SimplrFlex platform, these steps could help get you back online and take tickets like a champ. 

Check Your Browser & Version

The SimplrFlex platform is designed to be used on a laptop or desktop computer with the latest version of Google Chrome. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are not currently supported for use with the SimplrFlex platform. 

Click this link to ensure you're using the latest version of Google Chrome.

Disable Adblockers

Some adblockers prevent important functions from working inside of our platform. Please ensure that there are no adblockers installed in your browser, on your computer, or your network.

Click this link to detect if you're running any adblockers.

Clear Your Cache & Cookies

Please follow the steps at this link to clear your browser cache and cookies. Please note, this step does more than a typical refresh or "restart" of our platform, so please click the link and follow the steps even if you think you've already done them. This clears up 99.9% of issues and can save you a lot of trouble.

Check Your Email

Are you certain you're supposed to have access to our platform currently? Your account may have been deactivated for inactivity, in which case you would have received emails. If you find that your account was deactivated, please reply to the email, and we'll gladly assist.

Make Sure Your Password is Correct

If you've just reset your password using Google Chrome's password manager, but the new password isn't working, Google Chrome's password manager likely stored the incorrect password. Please reset your password manually. You can then store the updated password yourself to avoid this frequent mistake.

Clear Site-Specific Data

If none of the other steps above work, please follow the steps below.

To clear the website data:

• Right-click anywhere on the SimplrFlex platform
• Click "Inspect"
• Click "Application" on the pane that opens (you might have to click ">>" to find it)
• Click "Clear Storage" on the left
• Click "Clear site data"

Log in to the platform, and that's it!

Here is a photo of what it will look like: 

Right-click the photo and select "open image in new tab" if you can't see the image.

None of This Worked  😭

Oh no! Sorry for the trouble! Reach out, and we'll do our absolute best to assist you. You can reach out using Live Chat, if it's accessible, or by emailing Please include a description of your issue and screenshots if you have them.

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