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Will rejecting tickets impact my eligibility to be an Expert?

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We do monitor the take rate and the rejection rate by Expert:

  • Take rate: the percentage of tickets assigned to an Expert that the Expert accepts

  • Reject rate: the percentage of tickets that are assigned to an Expert that they reject, whether intentionally or by allowing the ticket to time out

We monitor and act upon these rates for two primary reasons. 

  1. Fairness to Other Experts: We have found that some Experts "cherry-pick" tickets by taking only easy tickets, allowing them to answer quicker and make more money by completing more tickets. We've also seen situations where Experts will intentionally avoid taking a ticket for a dissatisfied customer because they are afraid it'll hurt their customer review score. Obviously, neither of these situations is fair to other Experts. 

  2. Fairness to the Customer: Each time a ticket needs to be routed to a new Expert, it slows down how quickly the customer receives a response. The time to route a ticket is typically 5 minutes or less, but if 5 Experts reject a ticket, 5 minutes quickly adds up to 25 minutes. This has an even bigger impact on Live Chats since 5 minutes is an eternity to wait for a response.

Experts that have a low take rate (aka high rejection rate) will receive fewer tickets routed to them. However, rejecting a few tickets here or there will not affect your ticket volume and the system is more lenient on new Experts as they come up to speed.

Of course, we'd always prefer you to reject or escalate a ticket that you aren't comfortable handling. As long as it's not abused, this practice will not impact your future ticket volume.

It's also important to note that tickets which time out do count towards your rejection rate for the same reasons stated above. If you aren't available to take tickets, you should be using the status (online/offline) switch and/or the logout button.

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