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How can I refer a friend to SimplrFlex?

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First off, we really appreciate you spreading the word! We're always looking for great Experts.
You can send your friend to where they can begin the assessment process.
We currently do not offer a public/open referral program. This is done intentionally for a few reasons.

  1. Maintain Legitimacy: We all have those friends who are always sharing links to "get rich quick" schemes or other money-making opportunities. In most of these situations, the person sharing the link is being paid simply to share the link and sign up other people. Because of this, they end up spamming social media platforms and engaging in shady practices. SimplrFlex is a legitimate platform and we do not pay for referrals to avoid any perception of sketchiness.

  2. Reduce Costs: The SimplrFlex platform is built to optimize payouts to Experts. Additionally, you'll never pay us a dime to become an Expert. We even cover the cost of your background check which can cost us $100 or more. Paying referral fees could compromise this.

We may evaluate changing this in the future, but for now, we hope that being an Expert and the opportunity is incentive enough to tell your friends about SimplrFlex.

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