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Do you have any tips for completing the test tickets?

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General Tips

  1. Ensure that your grammar and formatting are correct. Minor mistakes can add up and earn a negative customer review.

    • We recommend installing the free Grammarly Chrome extension. It does a much better job of checking your work than typical spell checkers and only takes a few minutes to install.

    • Make sure to use linebreaks between thoughts/answers. This ensures the customer doesn’t scan over (and miss!) the answer because it’s buried in a paragraph with other information.

  2. Read ALL information thoroughly and be sure you are fully and accurately addressing the customers' questions and concerns.

  3. Connect with the customer. Providing extra empathy and showing them you care is important!

    • When possible, address the customer by their name to show that they are valued.

    • Mention any personal details back to them as evidence that you're a real person that actually took the time to understand their message and send a response.

    • Avoid calling a customer by their username. If you aren’t sure of their name, use something like “Hi there!”

    • Try not to sound too formal. Avoid “sir/mam”, for example. Use hi/hey instead of dear.

Things to Do

  • It's stated elsewhere, but it bears repeating; read ALL information thoroughly. This goes beyond the customer's questions. We're looking for Experts with attention to detail.

  • Our mission is to provide world-class customer service. When answering the customer, ask yourself if you'd describe your responses as world-class if you were on the receiving end.

  • Great customer service is as much a sales position as it is a support position. Is the item the customer requested out of stock? Share a link to a similar, in-stock item. Think the customer would be happier with a different item? Take the time to explain why the alternative might be better for them. Are there parts or accessories that would be useful to the customer? Include those in your response.

  • It's important that you always complete the action BEFORE replying to the customer. You may need to unsubscribe them from a mailing list, cancel their order, change their address, update their order, etc.

  • Answer the question(s) beyond their question. Is the customer asking about sizing, availability, color, etc. about an item? Do they seem uncertain? Provide them the answer they are requesting, but take it further by providing them information about return policies, money-back guarantees, etc. that will help put them at ease about making a purchase.

  • Make sure you explicitly answer the customer's question and do it with confidence. If the customer asks "will this fit?" and you only provide sizes/dimensions, then you haven't really answered the question. You left the work to the customer.

  • We provide many saved responses (macros) for your use, but great Experts take the time to modify and personalize these for customers. A few seconds of extra work can make all of the difference.

Things to Avoid

  • Do not attempt to complete the test tickets from your mobile device. You just won't be able to use our platform and access the necessary information otherwise. While you won't fail because you used a mobile device, virtually everyone who does will have mistakes that cause them to fail.

  • Be careful not to bury the answer with too much information in your reply. While at first, this may seem contradictory to some of the points above, it's possible to find the right balance. For example, pasting a list of 100 different specifications is not useful. The customer will never read through that; they'll just assume you didn't answer their question and will be more likely to leave you a negative review.

  • The SimplrFlex platform handles support for a huge variety of businesses. Make sure you don't mix up information or use the wrong business name.

  • Don't get sassy or rude with the customer or with our team. If you get the urge, just step away from the keyboard for a minute and cool off.

  • Do NOT sign your name on responses to the customer on the SimplrFlex platform. Our platform will automatically sign your response.

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