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Will I need to pass a background check to become an Expert?

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SimplrFlex Experts will be required to undergo and pass a background check completed by a third party called Checkr.

Checkr will request your social security number (SSN) to complete this process; your SSN is not shared with us. They will use your SSN and the other information you provide to check at minimum, but not limited to:

  • Sex Offender Status

  • Global Watchlist Listing

  • National Criminal Databases

  • County Criminal Databases

SimplrFlex will cover the cost of this background check, and you will not be charged for it at all.

If you become an Expert, you may be subject to ongoing background checks to ensure your eligibility. As with the initial background check, SimplrFlex will cover this cost.

What's the status of my background check?

After you've submitted your background check, you can check the status at any time in the Checkr Candidate Portal.

How long will my background check take?

This depends on a wide variety of factors depending on where you've lived, the court record availability in those areas, and more.

They frequently come back in as few as 5 minutes, but the average turnaround time is 3 business days.

You can see the estimated completion date of your background check in the candidate portal.

On some occasions, access to court records may be impeded by court closures, system upgrades, etc. In those cases, no ETA will be provided, and your background check will not clear until access to those records is restored. Sometimes this may only take a few days, but in others, it may take weeks or months.

You can track the status of court closures that may be impacting your background check at the following links:

Keep in mind that even if a court that was closed is now open, they are likely dealing with a tremendous backlog of requests, so it may still take a bit for your results to be returned.

Can you speed up or skip my background check?

We wish there were more we could do to speed up the process; we're as excited for you to start as I am sure you are. However, there is no way to expedite your background check. This is fully controlled by how long it takes for the records to be provided by the courts.

While we're sure your background check will come back all clear, contractual obligations require us to have results before we can allow you on the platform.

My background check for X company came back faster... what gives?

Background checks and the level of detail they go into varies based on the background check provider and the type of background check being run. Due to the nature of the work completed on the SimplrFlex platform, our background checks may be more comprehensive than the one you do for other companies...even if they utilize Checkr to complete them.

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