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Although it may seem counterintuitive, we do NOT recommend closing or signing your responses to the customer on the SimplrFlex platform.

Our platform will automatically sign your responses with a random identity. This identity may change from ticket to ticket even for the same business, but the identity will remain the same across the entire ticket.

You can view the name you're responding as, for most tickets/business partners, in the area shown below.

We do this for a few reasons:

  1. This protects your privacy and identity when communicating with customers on the other end of those messages. 

  2. This allows various Experts to assist the same customer without the customer feeling as if they are being moved around among different customer service representatives. It allows the customer to build a relationship with one "person" that may actually end up being multiple different Experts working together to provide excellent service.

  3. This helps remove bias from customer reviews. Even as times continue to change, customers can still sometimes be biased based on race, gender, etc. By allowing more than one Expert to assume the same identity, we can ensure that the Expert's service is what is being rated: not their name, race, gender, or other attributes.

  4. This can help build rapport and credibility with customers... even when the specific Expert may have little or no experience with that particular business.

  5. It assists our Business Partners with building brand consistency through the use of closings or other taglines. For example, some businesses may desire to close every ticket with "Sincerely," "Truly yours" or with other marketing messages. By not signing or closing your tickets, it allows the system to automatically insert these messages without them seeming out of place.

Along the same lines, please do not close a message (chat, email, or otherwise) with a request for customer feedback or for a particular feedback outcome. Our business partners frown upon this behavior.

Please do NOT tell the customer that you aren't the same person that they spoke with the other day even though it's the same name. They should feel like they are talking to the same person even though they may not be. If they mention details from previous conversations, you can ask them to refresh your memory. The above information is for your knowledge only; telling any of this to the customer ruins the "magic" behind providing excellent service.

Examples of Signed Name

Example of Feedback Request

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