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Read All Information Carefully
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It's important that you take the time to read the entire thread of a ticket or chat that you receive...even if you may have previously had the ticket.

This is to ensure you understand all questions/comments from the customer and not just the most recent one or the one that stands out the most.

It's easy to get in the zone and start reading only the most recent response, but then you're assuming that the customer was properly helped prior to you receiving the ticket. Understanding the entire chain allows you to familiarize yourself with the situation and help the customer where they may have previously gone un-helped.

This also helps ensure that you don't send the same Macro that the customer has previously received...thereby confirming that you didn't read their question and displaying to the customer that you didn't even take the time to respond; you just used a canned response.

This is even important in situations where you may have previously handled a ticket/chat. There is a possibility that the ticket/chat was routed to another Expert between your last response and when you receive the ticket this time. It's essential to know what any other Experts have said and how they may have helped.

It's also easy to assume that you know the answer to a question without doing your research. You've probably seen that same question 100 times. The problem here is that the responses to the same question could vary by Business Partner, by channel (Amazon, eBay, etc), and even by the time of year (extended return policies during the holidays.)

Our Business Partners update their macros often...sometimes as often as daily. The same for other company info. For this reason, we do NOT suggest assuming that you know the correct response. It could have easily changed between responses. This can also apply to order information; it can update in an instant, so take the time to check each time you help a customer.

Because our Business Partners can update their information often, it is also important that you avoid saving copies of the information on your local machine or in a cheat sheet. These can quickly become outdated which then leads to a complaint from a Business Partner.

It's easy to assume that the information in the system is correct or exhaustive. While we do our absolute best to have all of the correct information that you may ever need, there are sometimes unique situations where the information in our platform may be incorrect or even incomplete. A macro may have not been updated after a sale or holiday, for example. Don't be afraid to question if the information available is right or complete; use your common sense. Remember, our goal is to provide world-class customer service.

It's also important to read your response to the customer carefully before sending it. Otherwise, you may end up with regrettable mistakes.

Lastly, our platform allows you to view a customer's historical conversations so you can better assist them. You can access their historical conversations by clicking on their current conversation as shown below.

Examples Where Expert Didn't Read Carefully

Examples Where Expert Did Read Carefully

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