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It's easy to become overeager and provide the customer with too much information. Just like most of the other topics in this success guide, mastering the balance of providing enough information, but not too much, is important.

If the customer asks what size they should order, it is helpful to include the size guide, but it is more important to tell them what size to order. So, in this case, lead the message by telling them the size that you recommend, and include the size guide below if they need it.

If the customer asks if a TV includes the remote, don't paste a list of the specifications of that TV and then mention that the remote is included. You should start by saying that the remote is included.

Customers will naturally avoid reading extremely long responses, as well. It is daunting to see paragraph upon paragraph of text when you only asked one question. Keep your answer succinct. 

Using the same example as above, if I asked if the remote was included, but I received a list of 100 different specs on the TV, I'm not going to take the time to find the answer that you buried with all of that additional detail.

Some of this can be managed by using line breaks between complete thoughts, but even that isn't a replacement for being succinct. 

Example of Buried Answer

Example of Visible Answer

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