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SimplrFlex Business Partners provide Macros (another name for canned responses) for Experts to increase their efficiency and accuracy in answering tickets.

Despite being a solid starting point for a reply, Macros are rarely specific enough to send before some modification to help the customer feel heard and valued. This goes beyond just inserting the customer's name. The best Experts customize Macros to reference details that the customer provided and connect with the customer.

Customer Reviews prove this as well. Compared to tickets where the Expert only added/changed one or two words from a Macro, tickets featuring significant modifications of a base Macro averaged 0.3 stars higher.

Good Enough?

If the macros are good enough for the Business Partner to use without modification, why aren't they good enough for an Expert to use without modifying?

First, it's important to remember that Business Partners use the SimplrFlex platform to improve their customer experience. If you're simply sending the macro just as they provided it, there's almost no change that their customer experience will improve leadings them to leave the platform.

Similarly, using a macro without modifying it likely means that you didn't connect with the customer. This also leads to a poor experience. 

Mixing Multiple Macros

It may sometimes be necessary to mix multiple Macros to answer all of the customer's questions, so it's possible to paste any related Macros into the response box and then clean up any redundant or irrelevant parts. Remember that you can expand the response box to make this process much easier.

For example, if the customer says that their new iPhone X arrived broken and that they'd like to return it, you can customize a standard return Macro and apologize that the customer's iPhone X arrived damaged.

Example of Poor Macro Usage

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