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Our best Experts aren't afraid to pull out all of the stops to find the correct answer. Below are details about some resources that are helpful.

  • Guided Search - This is the default tab for most tickets. It allows you to quickly select the primary topics of the ticket, and it'll provide you with the most relevant content.

  • Company Info - This tab contains documents outlining a Business Partner's policies, procedures, and best practices. 

  • Search Orders/Subscriptions - This tab will allow you to look up and, in some cases, modify order or subscription information for the customer. Pro Experts look at the order/subscription history for all tickets! It gives you context about the customer and is a great place for material to use when connecting with the customer.

  • Response Guide - This tab will ask you questions about the ticket you're looking at and provide you with a suggested response.

  • Business Partner's Website - This information is usually available in the Company Info document. Take the time to look over the Business Partner's website for additional information and answers. Often, the answers are there... the customer just didn't look for them.

  • Google, Other Search Engines - If you've exhausted all other resources, Google and other search engines can be extremely helpful. Just be sure to review Partner alerts to ensure the Partner is okay with using Google/other search engines! You can locate Partner alerts within the center panel on the platform.

You should also check out the Partner Alerts. This area is used to house important information for a particular partner. It may include details about sales, policy changes, and more.

The availability of each resource will vary by Business Partner.

In all of these situations, it is extremely helpful to remember the following keyboard shortcut. It allows you to search for a word, or words, on the current page in your browser.

This utility will typically also work when searching inside of documents, such as PDFs. More keyboard shortcuts are available here.

We'd always prefer that you reach out and allow us to assist you as opposed to answering the customer incorrectly.

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