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The SimplrFlex platform sends notifications to Experts via the web browser when they have new or updated tickets.

This is great for Experts since it allows you to step away from your computer but still know when there are new tickets available. It'll also ensure you don't miss tickets which could impact your timed-out percentages.

But did you ever think that using notifications can also help improve your customer reviews? We know that the second-most important factor in customer reviews* is response time, so notifications can serve as a good reminder to reply quickly to the customer. The difference in reviews for fast and slow responders is pretty extreme, too.; five-star tickets tend to have 3.5-5x faster response times than one-star tickets. Of course, with anything, this is within reason. If you're sending customers incorrect answers or failing to connect with them, a faster response will just earn you a negative rating that much faster.

With this in mind, it's in your --and the customers'-- best interests to allow the SimplrFlex platform to send push notifications.

For the SimplrFlex platform, this is the Site URL that should be allowed:

 * second only to whether or not the Expert resolved their issue

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