As an Expert, you'll likely answer questions or take feedback/suggestions from customers. You might be asking yourself, "does the Business Partner actually ever see this information?" The answer is "yes!"

Just as Experts have a Dashboard to monitor how they're doing on the SimplrFlex platform, so do Business Partners.

The Business Partner Dashboard contains the following information:

  • Questions Resolved - The number of inquiries resolved on the SimplrFlex platform.

  • Incoming Questions - The total number of questions sent to the SimplrFlex platform.

  • Customer Ratings - The customer satisfaction for resolved questions.

  • First Response Time - How quickly the questions are resolved.

  • Top Question Types - The most frequently answered question types.

  • Key Insights - Important updates for the business partner on trends found in their inquires. Through the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, our platform can find trends and important information to relay to the business partner. This may be customer suggestions, product quality issues, etc. 

Below is an Example of what the Business Partner sees. You may need to open the image in a new tab and/or zoom in to see the level of detail available to the Business Partner.

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