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Citizenship/Location Requirements

Am I required to be located in the USA to become an Expert?

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Experts are not required to be located in any particular country, state, or province to use our platform. However, they must hold citizenship in one of our approved countries and state/provinces (more details here.)

For example, if you're a legal resident of Tennessee, but you're currently stationed in California for military duty (we ๐Ÿ’– military spouses), you can still apply to become a SimplrFlex Expert since you're still legally allowed to claim residency in Tennessee.ย 

Similarly, if you're traveling abroad for school or other duties but remaining a US citizen and resident of an approved state, then you may continue to use our platform.

Please note that each country, state, and/or province may have its own rules, regulations, or laws that govern your ability to earn money/income while inside their territories. Similarly, their taxations rules may vary. We're not tax professionals, so please seek guidance from a trusted professional.

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