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How will I know what features or updates have been made to the platform?

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New Version of SimplrFlex

SimplrFlex routinely releases new updates to the platform. These typically happen every Wednesday but can happen outside of those hours or even multiple times in a week.
When a new update is available, you'll be notified immediately with a banner asking you to refresh your screen.

When you see this message, it means you're using an older version of the SimplrFlex web application. You can get the latest version by following the instructions here.

Release Notes

Beyond receiving the above message when a new version is available, SimplrFlex may also send out updates about new features and functionality available inside the platform.
The messages can be found in three different places.

In-App Messenger

From inside the platform, you can click on the blue messenger button in the upper-right corner and scroll down to see what's new.


From an Expert's Dashboard, they'll see a button that says Updates and includes a counter to indicate the number of recent, unread updates. Clicking that option will open a box where they can read more about new features.

We can also send you a push notification when new updates have been released. You will see a box requesting permissions the first time you visit your Dashboard. It will look like the following image. Click allow to receive push notifications.

Updates Page

In addition to the two places above, you can always visit our Updates page to see what's new by clicking the link below.

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