Payment Accuracy

How can I trust SimplrFlex to accurately track and send my earnings?

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SimplrFlex takes fair, accurate, and reliable payments very seriously. We know that our Experts rely on this income to pay their bills, feed their families, and fund their lives.

We work to meet this goal in a variety of ways.

  • SimplrFlex (Simplr) cannot receive payment from a Business Partner unless there is an Expert also slated to receive compensation. This keeps our motivations aligned... we don't get paid unless you get paid. This also further incentives SimplrFlex to frequently audit these processes to ensure they are accurate and fair.

  • Pay Statement generation and payments are automated. We've invested heavily to remove human error from our payment processes. The process is fully automated, including the calculation of incentives. There are some cases where tickets are manually added to the list for payout (in events where there was an error in resolving the ticket), but the process of adding those tickets to the pay statement and issuing payments is automated. 

  • Our Pay Statement process is transparent. We show Experts their pending earnings on their Dashboard. This allows them to track their progress each week and reach out should they notice any issues. Additionally, each pay statement includes detail about which tickets are being paid. This allows Experts to reconcile their Pay Statements against their own records.

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