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How does SimplrFlex ensure customer reviews reflect the service I provide and not things outside of my control, such as shipping delays?

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Experts and their performance are judged partially based on reviews of the service they provided to the customer, by the customer. We think this is one of the fairest ways to ensure Experts are held to a fair and high standard.

Occasionally, however, a customer could be upset about something that the Expert just can't control. For example, if the customer's order is delayed, there's not much that an Expert can do to make the customer happy.
To help account for this, our Customer Surveys require the customer to select why they chose a particular rating. For example, if the customer rated you as 2 stars, they would be presented with options for why they rated you in this manner.
Some of those options are considered controllable; others are considered uncontrollable.
Controllable - Things that an Expert could directly influence. Reviews with a controllable reason are included in your Customer Review score.
Uncontrollable - Things that an Expert could not directly influence. Reviews with an uncontrollable reason are NOT included in your Customer Review score.

Below is an example of what a survey might look like.

In the above survey, any reviews with the following options selected would not count against an Expert:

  • Bad policy

  • Shipping issues

  • Poor product quality

  • Wrong items delivered

  • Answer first message faster

  • Didn't process cancellation for me

  • Didn't ship fast enough

Please note that the reasons can vary by Business Partner and could be changed at any time to help more accurately capture customer feedback.

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