Partner Protectors

Who are Partner Protectors, and how can I become one?

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Who are they?

Whenever an Expert begins answering tickets on SimplrFlex, they immediately begin getting feedback from all kinds of sources, like Partners, fellow Experts, and customers. Partner Protectors are Experts who have demonstrated a deep understanding of a Partner's policies and processes and are able to guide fellow Experts on how to do the same.

What do they do?

Because of how in tune they are with a given Partner, Partner Protectors are eligible to review tickets from fellow Experts and assess whether:

  • The Partner's policies are followed

  • The Partner's processes are followed

  • Escalations are timely and/or necessary

  • The Expert connected well with the customer

  • The Expert used the Partner's tone and style

  • Severe spelling or grammatical mistakes were present

How can I become one?

This one's simple: Experts with the highest Accuracy Rates (and Customer Review Scores, when available) for that particular Partner are invited to become Partner Protectors.

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