Reference Letters & Income Verification

Can I receive a reference or income verification letter?

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For Experts

While we're extremely excited about your personal and professional growth, we generally do not provide reference letters for legal reasons. There's too much room for bias and other factors here, and we wouldn't want that to impact you in any way. However, we're happy to provide a signed verification letter on official letterhead including:

  • Your name

  • Your email address

  • Your position/role

  • The date you signed our Terms of Service

  • Your earnings for the past 10-12 pay statements**

  • The date your engagement ended (regardless of reason)

  • A link to our Terms of Service

**The only optional information is earnings history; if you'd prefer that we keep that private, please note such in your request.
You can submit your request to If your request is for HR or financial reasons and they need the document sent directly to them, please provide their details, including fax number or email address.

Soon, we hope to have an option for sharing your professional achievements during your time at SimplrFlex in the form of digitally signed and verifiable badges/certificates that can be placed on your resume, shared on professional networking sites, and more. These will all be for factual/verifiable achievements such as high Customer Satisfaction scores, Community engagement, and more. Stay tuned!

For HR Personnel

While we're extremely excited to see our current/former Expert join your team for legal and privacy reasons, we do not comment on their performance at SimplrFlex or provide personal opinions on their performance or merit.

We are happy to provide the dates/terms of our engagement, but that is the limit of what we can provide at the current time.

Should you require information about their income, you may have the Expert contact us at to request an income verification letter, including dates and terms of engagement. If they explicitly request, we can email or fax this information directly to you for validation purposes.

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