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How do Customer Reviews work?

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Just like you, we at SimplrFlex are laser-focused on delivering a great experience for customers. Because we're always looking to help Experts learn what customers like and dislike, we send each customer a survey whenever you resolve their ticket.

Customer Surveys

The survey uses a five-star rating system and is designed to identify the best Experts. Although not all customers will rate the support they receive, we find that the best and worst responses have a great chance of being rated.

Once they select a star rating, the customer is taken to a website to enter additional feedback and submit their review. If their review is five stars, the survey and common reasons will look like this:

If a customer rates the Expert lower than five stars, they must help you understand why they felt that way in order to submit their review.

If a customer selects some of the options shown above (such as "Didn't ship fast enough,") that review is flagged as "uncontrollable" and will not be counted against you, as it is a complaint against the business

How is my customer review score calculated?ย 

Your customer review score is an average of your most recent 50 controllable customer reviews; every time you get a new controllable review, the oldest of your rolling 50 gets replaced with the newest one.

While a negative customer review never feels good, our rating system was designed to give you some leeway for negative reviews.

How does this affect Experts?

With the five-star rating system comes some five-star standards. To remain active on the platform, Experts must maintain a customer review score no less than the number shown for each threshold below:

Once an Expert reaches 50 customer reviews, they need to maintain a customer review score of at least 4.3 over their most recent 50 customer reviews.

If an Expert fails to meet any of the above standards, they will be at risk of being removed from the platform.

One more tip:

The top Experts realize that aiming for a score right at the threshold is not the best plan to remain active on the platform. For instance, we know from our data that if an Expert aims for a 4.3 average, half the time they'll be above that and half the time they'll be below it, meaning they're constantly at risk of deactivation in case of an untimely negative review.

However, if an Expert maintains a 4.7-star average, even if they encounter a few sudden negative reviews, they have < 1% chance of falling below the 4.3-star threshold on any 50 consecutive tickets.

By doing things like giving a complete (and correct!) answer, not letting tickets sit for long before replying, showing empathy, and using stellar grammar, you can increase your likelihood of earning five stars!

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