When Customers Become Threatening

How should I handle a customer who exhibits threatening behavior?

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Threats are unacceptable in all forms, whether they are physical, psychological, or any other form. There are three forms of threats to keep a look out for as an Expert when helping customers.

  1. Physical or psychological harm of an Expert

  2. Stalking an Expert online or in real life

  3. Physical or psychological harm of Client or any of its representatives

As soon as you encounter any of the above threats - immediately let the SimplrFlex Support Team know. Be sure to include the ticket number so we can begin assisting you as quickly as possible. 

Once we have the ticket number we can begin: 

  1. Looking over the conversation to see what happened 

  2. Determine whether the interaction is or is not threatening 

If it's not a threatening interaction, we will give you some tips to defusing the situation and keep an eye on the rest of the interaction until it's closed.

If it is a threatening interaction, we will advise you to escalate the ticket so we can take over and attempt to defuse and assist the customer. Once the ticket has been escalated you’re good to move on and assist other customers. 

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