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How should I format responses to customers?

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Making a great first impression is key to delivering an excellent customer experience. The format you choose for your email can make or break a customer’s impression of any interaction. Below are some proven ways to provide clear answers to a customer’s questions. 

Proper greeting:

  • Hi there, 

  • Hello,

  • Hi (customer’s name if available),                                            


  • Thanks for reaching out. 

  • We appreciate you bringing this our attention. 

Empathy statement:

  • Empathize with the customer and sound like a real person.

  • Put yourself in their shoes and let them know you care.

Answer the customer’s question or issue: 

  • This is usually combined with the intro and is done in one or two sentences to ensure the customer receives the answer to their question or concern. 

  • Example: Thanks for reaching out. This item is new but has been opened.

Add any extra information in one to two separate paragraphs. 

  • If the customer’s question or concern requires additional information, this can be included in separate paragraphs once the initial answer has been given. 

A proper closing is just as important as a proper greeting.  

Great closings often look like these:

  • If you have any further questions please feel free to reach back out. 

  • Have a wonderful/great day! 

Note: We encourage Experts not to include their names in the closing for privacy and security reasons. 

Below you will find an example of a ticket with a properly formatted response. 

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