Angry or Irritated Customers

How can I identify and respond to angry or frustrated customers?

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Experts may receive tickets from upset customers for a variety of reasons. The customer's delivery may be behind schedule, they may have received a broken product, and this list goes on. How you respond to this customer can make a huge difference between a customer who feels satisfied with the response and one who doesn't.

Here are tips on how to handle these situations and have a satisfied customer who is more likely to give you a five-star review.

  • Remain Calm - When a customer is angry, nothing is gained by responding in a similar tone. In the majority of cases, responding in the same tone will escalate the situation.

  • Don’t take it personally - The customer isn't angry with you; they're angry at the situation they're in and just want help to resolve it. 

  • Actively read the customer’s response - The first thing angry customers want to do is vent and then have their issue resolved. It is very important to thoroughly read an angry customer's message; if the smallest detail is not addressed, the customer may feel like you don’t care about their issue.

  • Actively sympathize - Adding a sympathy statement is a major key to showing the customer that you understand their issue and how they feel. This plays a major role in smoothing things over with the customer and providing a five-star experience. 

  • Apologize - A simple apology goes a long way in the customer’s eyes. A simple, straightforward apology (like “I’m sorry you had to deal with this issue”) is often all a customer needs to see to get them back on your side. 

  • Find a solution - Once you understand why the customer is unhappy, use the available platform tools to find the answer they need and resolve their issue.


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