Expert Incentive Payments

How are incentives calculated and paid?

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SimplrFlex will occasionally offer incentives to our Experts. These incentives are sent via SMS by default to the phone number you provided during registration. However, we can update this number or switch the incentives to send via email... just reach out.

Please consider that we're working with limited space when sending incentives; we may be unable to include all details in the original message. While our goal is always to be as transparent and upfront as possible, when working with limited space, even the absence of a single word can significantly change the intended offering. 

In cases where an incentive could be interpreted in multiple ways, the interpretation resulting in the lower incentive payout will be used.

Incentive terms and conditions may vary, so refer back to the original message for more details or reach out to us for clarification. In addition to the original message, incentives may be subject to other terms/conditions, including any details provided here or in the SimplrFlex Terms of Service.

Unless otherwise stated:

  • incentives are NOT retroactive. They begin at the time the incentive notice was delivered to your device.

  • incentives are only for the original recipient. They may not be shared or apply to any other Expert.

  • incentives expire 24 hours from the date they were originally conveyed.

  • times or dates conveyed are intended to span 24 hours.

  • times or dates conveyed are in the central timezone.

  • incentive payouts are subject to maintaining acceptable Customer Reviews, an acceptable Accuracy Rating, and any other criteria deemed important by SimplrFlex.

  • tickets or tix refers to a resolved email, Live Chat, or other customer interaction. 

  • Live Chat refers only to synchronous interactions (the customer is active on the other end of the interaction awaiting and replying to each message.)

  • incentives are only paid on tickets answered and resolved during the incentive period. This means that the customer was satisfactorily helped and does not reply for 48 hours.

  • incentives will not be pro-rated or partially earned. If an incentive is for 25 tickets, and you only resolve 23, you did not qualify for the incentive and will not earn the incentive amount.

  • incentives are not guaranteed; you may not receive enough tickets to earn or complete an incentive. Ticket volume fluctuates and is based on a variety of factors. We do our best to offer incentives that are attainable, but we can't guarantee that an Expert will be able to resolve an offered incentive.

  • incentives may not reflect on your pay statement until immediately before payment occurs. We do our best to show incentives on pending pay statements, but it isn't always possible.

  • incentives are not final until paid. We do our best to show a prediction of an Expert's earnings, but calculations are not final until the payment is issued.

  • platform malfunctions or other issues invalidate an incentive. 

  • platform malfunctions or other issues do not extend an incentive.

  • amounts are indicated in cents unless a decimal indicates otherwise.

  • Experts are only eligible to receive an incentive payout once during the offered period.

Incentives will be paid on the Pay Statement reflecting the resolved tickets that earned the incentive. This means that an incentive could be paid out across multiple Pay Periods depending on the start and duration of the incentive. In some cases, incentives cannot be split across pay statements. In those cases, the incentive will be paid on the pay statement reflecting the last eligible ticket or earlier at the discretion of SimplrFlex.

For example, if an incentive is offered on all resolved Live Chats from 8/19/19 - 8/23/19, it will be paid across two Pay Statements since any Live Chats resolved on 8/22 or 8/23 will not be paid out until the following Pay Period.

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