Ticket/Chat Routing

How are tickets/chats routed to Experts?

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The SimplrFlex platform utilizes an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm to automatically route tickets to the best available Expert.

Our routing algorithm uses a ton of data to decide who gets what ticket, and below are some of the most important criteria that can impact routing.

  • Status (is the Expert marked as online?)

  • Customer Reviews (is the Expert likely to answer the ticket satisfactorily?)

  • Accuracy Rating (is the Expert likely to answer the ticket with a high degree of quality?)

  • First Response Time (is the Expert likely to respond to the customer quickly with a high-quality response?)

  • Historical Ticket Volume (how many tickets has the Expert successfully resolved in the past?)

  • Currently Assigned Volume (does the Expert have enough tickets or too many tickets?)

  • Experience/Tenure (has the Expert previously answered questions of this type?)

  • Take Rate (is the Expert likely to accept this ticket, or will they let it time out or reject it?)

  • Knowledge/Skill (is the Expert knowledgeable or skilled in the types of products/services that this Business Partner offers?)

The platform was designed to provide all Experts at least some ticket volume; after all, you can't increase your customer review score unless you have tickets to prove your skills. However, it will provide higher volume to Experts who perform better.

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