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What is Accuracy Rate and how does it work?

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What is Accuracy Rate?

Accuracy Rate represents the % (0-100%) of tickets that an Expert handled accurately. This includes things like using proper grammar and tone, providing great connection, and adhering to a Business Partner's policies and procedures.

How is Accuracy Rate calculated?

Accuracy Rate is calculated based on reviews and feedback from Partner Protectors and Business Partners. Your Accuracy Rate will be based on the last 50 impacting reviews which are randomly selected reviews provided by Partner Protectors and Business Partners. More details below, if you're interested.

How does this benefit me?

Accuracy Rate has been designed around providing Experts fair and helpful feedback. When a Partner Protector or Business Partner reviews your ticket and leaves a rating, they must also leave specific feedback like what you did right, where you may have gone wrong, and how you can improve in the future.

What are the Accuracy Rate requirements?

Experts will be required to have an accuracy rate of 90% or higher on their past 50 reviews. For new Experts or those with fewer than 50 Accuracy reviews, here are the requirements.

Where will my Accuracy Rate be shown?

Accuracy Rate will be shown inside of the platform in the "Stats" section of your Dashboard. By clicking on this area, you'll be able to see your current Accuracy Rate, as well as the feedback provided by Reviewers. It'll look like this:

What tickets can be reviewed?

All tickets that you interact with --whether replied or escalated-- are eligible to be reviewed. In situations where more than one Expert participated in a ticket, positive feedback is earned by all Experts. Negative feedback will require the reviewer to specifically select which Expert caused the negative review. In these situations, your name is never shown to the reviewer; it is anonymized as 'Expert 1', 'Expert 2', etc.

Who is providing the reviews for Accuracy Rate?

The reviews included in your Accuracy Rate are coming directly from the Business Partner or by Partner Protectors. No customer feedback will be included in your Accuracy Rate.

How do I know that the reviews are fair and that Accuracy Rate is accurate?

All reviews are kept anonymous. The reviewer will never know who they are reviewing and, conversely, you'll never know which Partner Protector provided you a review.

All Partner Protectors have been selected based on their stellar performance and commitment to providing excellent customer service.

Partner Protectors are benchmarked against other Partner Protectors to ensure the reviews that they provide are in line with others.

Lastly, Experts have the ability to let us know if the Partner Protector or Business Partner feedback that they received was helpful.

When should I start receiving feedback on my tickets?

Please allow up to 2 weeks before you receive your first Partner Protector or Business Partner feedback. Although responses will start being reviewed immediately, it may take some time to collect enough reviews to calculate your Accuracy Rate and start showing you feedback.

How can I improve my Accuracy Rate?

Please check out the following article for more information on interpreting your Accuracy Rate and improving it.

Can you tell me more about what rating I can receive and how Accuracy Rate is calculated?

First off, there are three general scores you can receive from a Partner Protector or Business Partner.

Great - This feedback means you did a great job on the ticket. The reviewer may still pass along some tips or tricks to improve further, but "Great" feedback causes your Accuracy Rate to go up or stay at 100%. You can identify "Great" feedback by looking for the "thumbs-up" symbol and a blue background around the feedback.

Poor - This feedback means that you missed the mark. This could be for a variety of reasons including taking tickets that should have been escalated, sending the wrong information, arguing with the customer, really bad grammar/spelling, etc. "Poor" feedback will cause your Accuracy Rate to go down. You can identify "Poor" feedback by looking for the "thumbs-down" symbol and a red background around the feedback.

You may receive multiple scores on a single ticket. To ensure you have as clear a picture of how to improve as possible, we pass along all feedback. Different Partner Protectors may have different feelings on how you did.... the Business Partner may even score you differently than the Partner Protectors. However, we only include the most positive score. That means that if you receive 2 "Poor" scores on a ticket, and 1 "Okay" score, we'll only include the "Okay" score in your Accuracy Rate.

One other note is that Partner Protectors and Business Partners may provide you feedback on tickets that you didn't even answer. For example, if you escalated a ticket that you could have answered, you can still receive feedback. This is so that you can learn and perhaps take tickets like that one in the future. However, regardless of what score you receive (Great, Okay, or Poor) on these tickets, we do NOT include the score in your Accuracy Rate unless you actually sent a response on the ticket. This is to protect your choice to reject/escalate a ticket for any reason if you feel uncomfortable.

Lastly, the direction to have taken on the ticket may have been a bit of a judgment call. This is why we do have multiple folks review each ticket, and why we take the most positive score. We do our best to assume you had the best of intentions.

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