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How can I get help with a Ticket or Chat?

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SimplrFlex is proud to offer 24/7/365 support to our Experts. We want to ensure you have help answering Tickets or Chats when you need it.

How do I get help?

You can get help by clicking the messenger icon in the lower-left corner of the platform. Once you click the button, please start a "New conversation" each time that you need help. This helps ensure that we're providing Experts with the fastest possible help.

Once you click "New conversation," Zoe (our AI Assistant) will ask you questions to ensure you get the fastest and most accurate assistance possible. Make sure you answer all of Zoe's questions, or your message won't be routed to our team. If you answer the questions out of order, or before Zoe has asked you for the information, you'll need to make sure you respond again, or she may not realize you've provided the necessary information.

How quickly will I be helped?

Specialists typically respond in under 10 minutes to assist Experts with Tickets and even faster for Chats.

Questions from Experts are answered in the order they are received except when the Expert needs help with a Chat. Due to the fast/immediate nature of chats, Experts who require assistance with Chats will be helped first.

Is there a cost or penalty?

There is NO penalty or charge to an Expert for requesting assistance. We're here to help however we can. We'd much rather you reach out for clarification than potentially provide the customer a wrong answer.

That said, we hope to see your ability to answer Tickets and Chats without assistance grow over time. This will help increase your earnings potential since you aren't waiting for help from Specialists as often.

What if I need help with multiple tickets?

If necessary, you can request help on multiple tickets at the same time. Just hit the back button and start a new conversation for each Ticket or Chat that requires assistance. You'll be notified when there is a response for each request.ย 

Please be certain that you're using the help provide for each specific ticket. In other words, don't get the answer from a Specialist on one ticket mixed up with a different ticket that you may be answering. This could lead you to provide the customer with the wrong information.

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