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How long do I have to accept/answer/resolve tickets?

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For more information on the basics of handling tickets, check out this article.

How much time do I have to take a ticket? 

Experts are given 5 minutes to take and categorize a ticket before the ticket is routed to another Expert. This is to keep the customer from having to wait too long.

During this time, you're simply reading and determining the primary reason the customer reached out. You are NOT expected to formulate a response and answer in 5 minutes.

How much time do I have to send my first response? 

After you've taken and categorized the ticket, you have a full 60 minutes to send an initial response. It typically won't take you nearly this long to come up with an answer, but the extra time is there if you need it. If you don't send an initial response after 60 minutes, we will route the ticket to another Expert.

Our best Experts send an initial response on the ticket 5-15 minutes after taking it, but some tickets may be faster and some may take longer.

How much time do I have to reply to a customer’s response? 

If the customer replies back to you, you have 24 hours to send them a follow-up response. If you do not reply in 24 hours, we'll route the ticket to another Expert.

I need more info to help! What if a customer does not respond? 

If the customer doesn't reply within 48 hours, the ticket will automatically resolve and you'll be paid. If the customer replies back outside of this 48 hours, it's considered an entirely new ticket/payout. We'll try to route it back to you since you're the most familiar, but if you're not available, it'll go to another Expert.

When should I hit the "resolve" button on a ticket?

Check out this article for more information about the "resolve" button and when/how to use it.

What about live chats?

Live chats are handled differently on our platform. Please review this article for more details.

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