New to the SimplrFlex Platform? Not sure how to handle the tickets received? This tidbit of information may help. For more information on ticket timetables (how long you have to answer a ticket), check out this article.

If you're an Expert, you'll also have a SimplrFlex Basics course on your Dashboard to give you an overview of the SimplrFlex platform.

How do I take a ticket? 

When you receive a ticket, click “Take” to accept the ticket and begin working it. Please note, part of this process requires categorizing the ticket, so make sure you do this within the 5 minutes allowed.

What if I need help answering a ticket? 

After taking or clicking on a ticket, the "Actions" tab automatically opens. If you exit out of the "Actions" tab or it does not automatically open, click the "Actions" button to access helpful platform features including the Company Info and FAQs.

How do I escalate a ticket? 

To escalate a ticket to the next level of support, click the “Escalate” button, enter the reason for the escalation, and then click "Escalate Now." 

Click here to learn more about when to escalate a ticket. 

How do I resolve a ticket?

When you are ready to resolve the ticket, click the “Resolve” button. A confirmation pop up will ask “Are you sure you want to resolve?” Click Resolve to confirm. The ticket closes and sends the customer a survey. 

Click here to learn more about when to resolve a ticket.

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