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When providing service on the SimplrFlex platform, you may encounter some terms or phrases that are unfamiliar. Below is a small glossary of these terms to help you become familiar with them.

Partner - This is the term used to describe the businesses for which the SimplrFlex platform is providing customer service.

Chat - Chats are synchronous messages. This means the customer is waiting on the other end of the connection for a response. It is imperative that these customers receive quick and frequent messages.

Chat Response Time - This is similar to First Response Time, except broken out specifically for a chat. On chat conversations, response time should be under 1 minute. It is important that the customer doesn't have to wait around very long.

Customer Reviews - These are star ratings provided by the customer you answered. You can learn more about these Customer Reviews and how they impact Experts here.

Escalate - This term refers to how an Expert handles a ticket/chat that they are unable to resolve. Experts should avoid Escalating tickets unless absolutely necessary.

Expert - Experts are independent contractors who provide customer service on the SimplrFlex platform.

First Response Time (FRT) - This is a measure, in minutes, of how quickly an Expert sends a response to the customer. You can learn more about FRT here.

Flows - Asks Experts questions and provides them the suggested outcome based on their answers.

Macro - Also referred to as a Saved Response. These are pre-composed, pre-formatted messages that you can use to help answer your customer.

Specialist - If you reach out to us via email or live chat, you're interacting with one of our Specialists that are trained to help get you out of sticky situations and provide guidance on how you can assist customers.

Tag - Also known as categorizing. Partners require that their tickets be tagged by the Expert. Tags are typically categories that organize tickets/chats into common areas.

Ticket - Tickets are asynchronous messages. This means that the customer isn't waiting for instant feedback. These are most commonly emails or contact forms.

Ticket Number - This is the unique identifier for each conversation on the SimplrFlex platform. When reaching out with questions or to report issues, it is important to include the ticket number so that we can better assist you.

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