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How much can I make as an Expert?

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An Expert's earnings are fully dependent on their skills and dedication to the platform.

Experts are paid a flat fee for every resolution. This fee may vary depending on the difficulty of the tickets answered. 

Many of our best Experts earn $300-$500 per week, or more, in their spare time with our top Experts earning over $1,000 per week. Below are our top-10 payouts of all-time as of 10/6/2020. Obviously, the top 10 amounts will continue to fluctuate.

  • $2,679.50

  • $2,428.35

  • $2,381.95

  • $1,804.40

  • $1,792.50

  • $1,777.50

  • $1,767.25

  • $1,739.35

  • $1,720.65

  • $1,715.80

These amounts were earned by various Experts in various weeks/years, all with various tenures and skill levels.

In the past 30 days, as of 5/25/2020, the average weekly payout for active (answered at least one ticket) Experts was $199.49. The average payout for active Experts who answered at least 25 tickets was $270.72.

Expert's earnings are not guaranteed and will vary depending on a variety of factors, including incoming ticket volume, the number of Experts online, any incentives we may be running, the Expert's skill level, the amount of time the Expert invests, and more. The earnings quoted above are not typical and reflect Experts who work hard and provide world-class customer service. Our full earnings disclosure is available here.

Expert's earnings are subject to performing well

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